The Hub – Homicide Support Hub

We are here for you

Imagine what it must be like to loose a loved one to murder or culpable road death. We pray you will never experience such a catastrophic impact in your lives. But for many families across Merseyside who have, the HUB is here to help, with information, advice and guidance but most of all we’re here to listen about whatever you want to talk about.

Adults manage their feelings in a particular way, children’s needs are different and the HUB can help with the youngest family members too. The HUB ‘wraps itself’ around a family so each member in the family is supported.

No appointment is necessary, we’re open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. There’s a 24 hour line as well for out of hours.

Every Tuesday we host a coffee morning from 10am to noon.








Families who have a lost a loved one to murder or culpable road death