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From The HUB, families who came to the ‘One Stop Shop’ their children were referred into O.L.L.Y our amazing children’s group. 40 children leaving the HUB at 6 Anson Street on Monday 19th August 2019 on a luxury coach that took them all to our Annual Camping Holiday....

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Annual Camping Trip 2019

This morning some of our O.L.L.Y children who have been referred through The HUB, are going to North Wales for our annual camping holiday. For most of our children this is the only time that they will be away from their communities and will every go on holiday.We lots...

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OLLY’S ANNUAL CAMPING TRIP 2019 This is our fourth annual camping year for OLLY’s Annual Camping Holiday. Every year OLLY has taken children spread across Merseyside for a fantastic camping holiday (which has now become more like glamping). This is all because of...

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9th August 2019 BUILDING MEMORIES When some of our O.L.L.Y. children left The HUB at 6 Anson Street, Liverpool, L3 5NY on Monday 5th August which you can see by the photos, the excitement and smiling faces of those children. The HUB offers a wrap around service, one...

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Day 5 – Adventure Farm Holiday

Our OLLY Children leave today  the Adventure Farm where they have had a week's amazing holiday. A HUGE Thank you to all the staff at C.A.F.T, our amazing volunteers and for our sponsors we would like to say a HUGE thank you.   There holidays and breaks away,...

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Day 3 – Adventure Farm Holiday

While our OLLY children where at the Adventure Farm they where taken all organised by the staff at the Adventure Farm a full day at the Airport. Some of these children have never seen an airplane so close up. This was an amazing day out. They also had a visit while...

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Family Bonding Trip

FAMILY BONDING TRIP   Families Fighting for Justice will be taking a bus to Southport. This day out is for the adults which will give them time out away from their home where they can meet other members who have also lost a loved one. It is without a doubt that...

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Day 2 – Adventure Farm Holiday

Day 2 - Another great day for our OLLY Children where staff did face painting and then came the huge excitement a foam water slide!!! the children also made pizza's, how amazing is this. It is times like this when we look at photos like these that we can say all the...

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