The Hub – Homicide Support Hub

OLLY and the Hub

OLLY is playing a big part in The Hub, recently commissioned by Police Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy. When a family comes along to the one stop shop, OLLY is there to offer support for the younger members of the victims family of homicide. OLLY has grown in number and now

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Parole Board

Professor Nick Hardwick, the Chair of the Parole Board for England and Wales has asked to come along and visit The Hub next month. Also visiting is the Chief Executive of the Parole Board for England and Wales, Martin Jones. We look forward to meeting both gentlemen inside The Hub.

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Presentation to Merseyside Police

On the 31st of August, Jean Taylor gave a presentation to Merseyside Police FLOs and other senior investigating officers on the role and function of the Hub for victims of homicide families.
Similar presentations will follow to Probation Services and the Natural Homicide Service.

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